Real Highway Mod

Real Highway Mod 4.1

Is an NAM component which utilizes an unfinished network Maxis left in the game
4.1 (See all)

The RealHighway Mod (RHW) (formerly Rural Highway) and Modular Interchange System (MIS) is an optional NAM component (downloaded separately) which utilizes an unfinished network Maxis left in the game ("Dirt Road") to create a modular highway and interchange system.

This version adds numerous new features and fixes, including improvements to the FLEXFly flyover ramp system and a new curving Ground-to-Elevated MIS transition, useful for building cloverleaf interchanges.

Main features:

- Several pathing issues fixed.
- Textures reprocessed to improve quality, particularly for Zoom 3.
- Wealth-level issues fixed on several ramp interfaces.
- Numerous improvements to FLEXFly system, including increased stability and one additional piece (all found under the RHW Curves TAB Loop)
- Sharp 90-degree draggable curve added to EMIS network.
- New Curved Ground-to-Elevated MIS Transition pieces added.
- The RHW-6S now has a higher capacity than the RHW-4.
- The Elevated RHW-4 and MIS networks now have draggable orthogonal-orthogonal crossings over RHW-6S, RHW-6C, RHW-8S and RHW-10.
- Universal Lot Editor Textures and Path Files added to support third-party RHW-related

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